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Coffee Prices Rise in Ibanda

Farmers in Ibanda are laughing all the way to the bank following coffee price gains over the past few months. Presently, Robusta coffee trades at a record high of sh9,200 per kilogram in Ibanda town, but the beans go for sh8,900 a kilo in Kashangura in Kagongo division, Ibanda municipality. Read More…

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Farmers Appeal to World Bank for Support as the Subsidized Agro Input Project Winds Up.

The farmers made the appeal on Wednesday during a World Bank- MAAIF mission tour of beneficiaries of the project, implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) in Eastern districts of Bugweri, Kaliro, Mbale and Kumi, that ended on Thursday. Under the E-Voucher System, farmers contributed a certain percentage towards the purchase…

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