Pearl Capital Partners Group invests in growing agricultural small and medium sized businesses in East Africa, typically using a combination of equity, quasi-equity, equity related and debt instruments. PCP invests a maximum of US$2.5 million per company.

Our primary investment principle is to use financial structures which are, as far as possible, tailored to the needs of the individual investee business, while providing us with the opportunity to earn equitable and high-quality financial returns.

What We Look For

PCP invites inquiries from companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Businesses that operate in the agri business value chain in East Africa and that have the potential to generate positive financial and social returns;
  • Capable management team with solid reputations, extensive knowledge and financial commitment;
  • Sound strategy and business model;
  • High growth potential;
  • Capital need of up to US$2 million;
  • Transparency and ability to adhere to high standards of corporate governance and financial reporting;
  • Compliance with the Fund’s investment ethics and environmental standards.

What We Offer

We are committed to being a genuine business partner, providing active support to our investee businesses throughout the life of our investment. Practical ways that we add value to our investee businesses include:

  • Providing flexible investment structures;
  • Support in providing sound internal systems and control;
  • Developing business strategy and action plans;
  • Establishing appropriate Corporate Governance structures.

Our investee businesses through the African Agriculture Capital Fund will also benefit from access to a Technical Assistance facility, through which they will be able to access independent business development and technical support services.