Investment Analyst

Noreen joined Pearl Capital Partners in January 2020 as an Investment Analyst Intern. Her core responsibility is to assist in delivery of post-investment business development support to investees. She has widely worked on research projects aimed at promoting rural development through agriculture and achieving food security, with a special take on livestock-related projects.With her vast experience in carrying out field research and wide involvement in research activities from proposal development to report writing and dissemination of findings, she is zealous to become a professional practitioner in ESG and Impact investing. Generally, she is greatly passionate about contributing to sustainable development and enhancing peoples’ capabilities towards strengthening human rights values and the fundamental freedoms related to food security.

Noreen holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Production Technology and Management from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Livestock Development (Livestock Sector and Planning and Management) from Makerere University.